About Us

Naphtali Holdings

Company Background and history

Naphtali Holdings was founded on the 1st of August 2013 from an honest gap that had been noticed in the greater world we are living in. It is true that the focus of the world today is more on the receiving of value without adding value. What steered our vision is the gap that exists in adding value in other people and businesses’ lives. We believe that it is much more blessed to give than to receive. Though for survival, one needs to also receive, we still believe giving is what brings fulfillment in one’s life. From its inception, Naphtali Holdings has assisted a number of entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals, sometimes for free where need be.

For the past three years we have done extensive work and still feel that the loophole has not been fully exploited and we should take part in the greater world to assist businesses, entrepreneurs and other individuals in whatever way possible from our side.

Our motto: Prevailing for your excellence reveals the drive we possess to achieving greater heights but not for ourselves and not by ourselves. We believe whatever achievements we make, is not only for us but for our clients, our employees, our governments, our nations, our continent, our Africa. Though we do operate around the globe, our vision is more Afro-centric. We are a citizen of the World, and of Africa. We know no boundary to whom we assist and to where we take our business. We report to Africa and we are there to make Africa thrive.

Our Skills


95% 60% Complete

Personal Development

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To be a world class provider in all areas of our specialization around Africa and the rest of the world.
Naphtali Holdings aims to be a world class provider of Strategic Management Consulting & Advisory services, Company secretarial, Accounting & Taxation, Business & Accounting Research, Training & Development, Business Coaching, Motivation and Corporate Finance. We aim to provide sustainable solutions to our clients, bespoke services that would leave the client wanting more of our association. We believe in enriching our employees, as the entity grows with its employees. We value our Human capital as they are the means to our achievement. We also value the community as we aim to give business solutions to entrepreneurs that will enrich our communities. We believe in ethical and legal business practices and aim to facilitate the same for our clients and partners & potential partners. Every stakeholder means a fortune to us, we therefore value every individual or entity whether directly or indirectly involved or engaged to us. We value the importance of sustainable business practices and sound corporate governance operations. Our touch is one unique approach that would make a difference wherever we go. We also aim to create wealth for our investors as well as attract potential investors to be part of us.
In our operations we value so many things, among what we value are the following principles among the rest:
  • - Transparency
  • - Honesty
  • - Ethical behavior
  • - Team work
  • - Value addition

Our Team

Mr Munashe Naphtali Mupa Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Mrs Grace Mupa Financial Manager
Xolani Ncube Head of Training
Mohammed Ali Head of Compliance

Sameera Abdula Head of Research
Francis Mayepa Public Relations Director
Mildred Mayepa Operations Director

Our Happy Clients