Service offering

We as Naphtali Holdings are principally in a Management Consulting, Accounting & Business Research, Business Coaching for SMME’s and Training & Development. We are introducing CIMA and ACCA training in our product offering. A brief description of the product is as below: We mainly target High School students as our target market wherein we will offer both qualifications at a price of R75 000.00 per annum/R85 000.00 for degree entrance with an escalation rate of 5% per annum. The fee will include tutorials, books, accommodation, food, equipment for use as well as clothing (suits).
Our unique approach shall include work experience as required by the boards, which may result in a trainee qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in a period of at least three (3) years as compared to the usual of seven (7) years. On top of the Charter, a student or trainee will also obtain a Master’s degree in the fourth year plus Certified Public Accountant (America) exam for the CIMA qualified students..

Both programs include the following work experience:


Title Clerk


Accounting experience acquired through deployment at clients’. The clerk obtains extensive experience of several accounting packages with certifications at no extra costs. We also provide a Certification in Visual Basic Analysis and Espresso Rec which are excel programming languages suitable for finance and the banking sector, making the clerk ready for the job market. Such experience cannot be obtained even in the largest of firms except us.

On top of those certifications we also offer a trading package, wherein the clerk will be taught on how to trade stocks, bonds, forex etc., still at no extra cost. For those who have undergraduate degrees this experience is offered over a period of 1 year and for those with diplomas, the duration is normally one and half (1.5) years rather.


Title Analyst


Our main focus at this stage is on how to carry-out business and accounting research, report construction and development, project management, Business planning, Financial modelling and analysis, Risk management, Internal & Forensic Auditing and Integrated Reporting. In this year students will receive a living stipend.


Title Associate Consultant


The trainee is exposed to different industries around Africa through secondment at the company’s expense. The trainee is also exposed to Management consulting & advisory, presentations, business coaching and motivational speaking. It is at this stage that the CPA exam will be written. The stipend is increased in this year.
Lecture times are from 6pm to 8:30pm Monday to Friday while working time is from 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Learners may be required to work extra hours where need be.

We aim that most of the learners/trainees are placed by the beginning of the 5th year, 4th year for degree holders. Where however they have not been placed, we shall contract them in that year for a net salary of R17000.00 per month thereafter R25000.00 per month. Our program is therefore unique since we guarantee employment whether through us or by us.

We are therefore offering our training through both academic education and practical experience.