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Business Rescue
Naphtali Holdings is a specialist in providing practical successful tailored solutions to companies that are financially distressed and that are seeking a turnaround in promoting growth, increasing their profits and improving their cashflows. We have the right people who develop the appropriate real strategies to implement, which have proven to be successful as Naphtali has successfully restored and improved businesses from various spectrums.  Our services go beyond business rescue services as we continue supporting companies, we have helped beyond business rescue period.Under business rescue our services includes providing reviews and assessments, coming up with business rescue plans, offer business turnaround advisory, business rescue plan implementation, business rescue administration,  debt and financial restructuring, provision of counter solutions to issues hindering business growth and continued business support. 
Estate Administration (Deceased and Insolvent Estate)

In the saddening event of losing a beloved one there comes the need to make sure that the Estate left is processed properly in ways that fulfil the wishes of the deceased and that give piece of mind to the family. Administering deceased estate involves the process of distributing assets to beneficiaries as regulated by the court of law and Naphtali is there to assist in the administering of a deceased estate by:

  • Arranging meetings with all relevant parties involved thus beneficiaries and family members.
  • Make notices to creditors and advertisements as required by law
  • Reporting to the Master of High Court
  • Making sure all debts are settled and assets are distributed
  • Determining claims of the estate and determining value of the estate
  • Make sure all processes conform with the requirements of SARS
Mergers and Acquisations (Strategy, Finance and Legal)
Today many businesses are looking to merge forming synergies and or to acquire other business to maximise on value and gains, however, successful mergers and mergers need to be done at the right time, efficiently and timely. Mergers and acquisitions can be locally and Internationally hence the variation in the complexity of transactions and rules and regulations, but if ever you want to merge or acquire any business you do not have to stress as Naphtali is there to do the work for you to realise the best results out of the process. Our highly experienced and dedicated team is able to research and Identify opportunities, render assistance in deal structuring, lead negotiations for public and private acquisitions, joint ventures, BEE transactions, management buy-out and buy-ins, and in executing acquisitions and disposals. We represent clients involved in the transactions in the following capacities as purchasers, sellers, financial advisors and shareholders. From a legal point of view of we also provide legal due diligence investigation, offer legal advice, draft documentation, negotiate terms and assist with legal issues until the whole transaction is complete. Our clients are from within and outside of South Africa, ranges from private to public listed companies coming from various Industries.
Strategic Management Consulting & Advisory
Naphtali Holdings offers world class Strategic Management Consulting services, unlike most consulting firms, we do not leave you after the design of the plan but we assist you to implement the plans. We can help you from the designing of your growth strategies, retention strategies, Business-Process Reengineering (BPR), Change management, among many others. We can help you grow, we can help you develop and we can help you design the best approach to achieving with and through the the entity, from Public entities to Corporates. Need advice on what to do?, we have an in-house research team that will facilitate the achievement of a sound advice backed-up with proper and sound business research, whether you want cost cutting strategies or you may want to expand, we have it all. We have a team of experts and graduates who are waiting to assist you all the time. Our focus is to make sure you succeed and we do make it a point that we research and give you well researched and practical solutions to your entity. Our team of consultants and associates are highly trained and guarantee a hard work towards getting you the solutions to your entity’s challenges. We vouch to make it work and we partner with you throughout the entire process.
Accounting, Taxation and Advisory Services
Our accounting services include Bookkeeping services, Onsite assistance, transaction processing, preparation and management of periodic and monthly management accounts and preparation of monthly and annual financial statements. Our dedicated team is there to make sure that your business is always compliant with financial standards and regulatory bodies such as SARS. Not only do we carryout basic accounting and taxation services, Naphtali assist you through your tax mitigation, which in-turn reduces your tax obligation and facilitate your growth, profitability and success in liquidity. We also assist in tax planning and facilitate through the receiver, the arrangements of paying your tax. Other tax related services that we offer includes registration of VAT, Income Tax, PAYE, UIF, Turnover Tax, Submissions of returns and representation at SARS. Our team is not only limited to assist companies, but we also extend our services to Individuals, Trustees and Non-profit organisations. Our advisory services in the Accounting area involves the analysis and interpretation of financial statements, review of company policies and procedures, annual budgets, strategic consulting services and finance decisions and investment decisions.
Corporate Finance
The business environment today is very dynamic and is everchanging hence the need for continuously monitoring business and identifying business needs in order to help copy with change, increase wealth of the business, maximise shareholder value, raise capital in an efficient manner, improve company liquidity, and valuate the business. Naphtali through its experienced and its dedicated team offer Corporate finance services and the services includes:  

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